Smile Protector, Clear window mask popular among teachers and Parents

Free Talking Mask

Made in KOREA

It provides full protection as a mask and helps clear communication without taking off.

Our Clear Window mask Smile Protector is started many thought that story from People who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Due to facial expression clearly shown, it can widely use for Interpreters and language learner, Teachers and students , Welfare house and community.

It helps user to break communication barriers by reading lips.

Teachers and Parents loves !

It got highest positive reviews on e-commerce. Especially teachers, educator and parents who must communicate with children by showing lip reading.

Our customer wear it in a job interview, Class, event and etc.

Customer Testimonial  

1. No fogging during long time use

2. Comfortable fit : No ear pain

3.  Easy communication : Show Lips Clearly

4. No Chemical Smell


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