[5 Pack] Smile Shield Half Cover 5EA



STEK Smile Shield 1 Set with 2 Replacement Films Reusable Transparent Plastic Anti-fog Hygenic Face Mask Nose Cover Open Face Shield Chin Mouth Half Cover Face Shield.


Strong Protection : Special anti-microbial and anti-fog coating protects users from external bacteria and viruses

High Quality Material: made of durable frame and eco-friendly PET materials. Provides clear visibility and comfortable use due to the ultralight plastic.

Durable & Reusable: made of sturdy material that is highly unlikely to break or shatter. Just wipe with the cotton flannel and replace the film when needed.

Extended Protection: protects from droplets, saliva, debris. The film features anti-fog properties, as well as a special coating that quickly destroys germs upon contact.

Applications: keep yourself and others safe in your working environment. This mask is the perfect protective solution for the service and hospitality industries.

Comfortable fit: lightweight mask with adjustable ear loops and chin supporter that perfectly fits on the face.


Composition: adjustable ear loops, comfortable chin supporter, frame + replacement films, mask lanyard, cotton flannel.



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