[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare
[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare
[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare
[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare
[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare
[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare
[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare
[Free Shipping] Smile Protector 200EA - stekcare

Free Shipping - Smile Protector

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Is it possible to communicate with a mask showing lip reading ?

Wearing masks became essential and facial expressions were not visible.
Many people have experienced communication barrier.

Deaf people who need to communicate through mouth
Children who are late in learning language because they can't see parent’s mouth
Teachers 's difficulty with students who cannot concentrate in class

Clear Window Mask

Helps Clear Communication

Our Clear Window Mask Smile Protector is started from many though that story of everyone who had trouble communicating such as deaf people, teachers, language learner and services industry.
All users can communicate optimally without taking off their masks.

The film with anti-bacterial and anti-fog coating is applied,
so we can protect our lost facial expressions and smiles in the mask.

Facilitates easy and
natural communication.

Protects against airborne
particles and droplets.

Keeps your line of vision

Anti Microbial

Easy to clean

Scratch resistance

Reuse a week

Anti-Fog coating

Strong Anti Fog

As the anti-fog coating is strongly treated on the film, the coating does not disappear easily. The smile protector can be used for a long time.

Clear View

Clear PET film with Anti-fog coating reduce fogging up to keep clear view.
Our Anti-fog coating is 5 times higher than that of other companies,
so the anti-fog function is maintained even with frequent cleaning

Other PET Film

The fogging appears immediately


No Fogging

Who can use Smile Protector?

  • Educators, Teachers and students
  • Parents and Children
  • Interpreters and Language Learner
  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Customer service representatives
  • Day-care Center Workers
  • Interview and Event Participants

Getting Popular

Smile Protectors have grown in popularity day by day
since they were sold to the Swiss Deaf Association.

What customer say about Smile Protector

Best Customer Review

Smile Protector has received best consumer review with top 4.9/5.0.

  • No fogging and easy breath during long time talk
  • High Quality film so can use 1 week
  • Comfortable fit : No ear pain
  • Easy communication : Show Lips Clearly
  • No Chemical Smell

Breaks communication barrier

 Especially teachers and educator love Smile Protector.
It can help to communicate well between teacher and students during class.

Reusable masks reduce plastic waste.

Crucial in reducing exposure to toxic substances, it was created as a sustainable, reusable solution in order to protect the natural environment. The STEK Clear Window mask is resuable for more than 1 week so it reduces mask waste.


The Smile Protector has passed rigorous certification standards

German Skin Irritation Approved !

Our Transparent window mask, Smile Protector has been certified for skin irritation, which is widely accepted in the cosmetic industry. The excellent material of Smile Protector can be used without any trouble on any skin contact.

DERMA Certification

for the Product

SMILE PROTECTOR (inner layer)

Dermatological test on humans in 2021

Study number: 2103294300

The dermatological test performed by us on your product under the control of
dermatological specialists was passed for this product with the rating of


This product did not lead to toxic-irritative intolerance reactions in patch
testing carried out in accordance with international guidelines. The
preparation can therefore be declared as dermatologically tested.


STEKCARE have donated PPE Shield, Smile Protector and Smile Shield full cover to APC
(Asian Paralympic Committee)

Usage Instruction

Position the mask
on your face to cover
your mouth

Loop the straps
around your ears
and secure

Adjust straps
to securely fit
the mask.

Check the
fit and re-adjust

Package & Colors







No problem just use cloth for cleaning. It has strong hardness coat applied and not easy to be broken. But, we suggestion using wet tissue for clean up and remove all the water spot. If not remove all this stain cover coat part and may affect not working Anti-Fog. When you have this problem, please follow suggest clean up process, again.

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South Korea South Korea
What a great! Finally I'd got this

Hey, you have no idea how many times, I'm looking for this!!!!! I worked at language school and teaching very young guys. After COVID19, almost impossible to met my students and even at the class we can't open each other. I tried to used other product but fail to keep use. Cause BS quality. Oh got. Thank you so much~!!!

South Korea South Korea
Love this Mask

Well-made Item. It clearly show my facial expression. Very comfortable fit and easy breath while I wear it for several hrs. Recommend to buy !