PPE Shield

$20 $30
Color: Transparent

Face germs head-on.

With PPE Shield, stay protected from whatever comes your way. Designed to block a variety of potential contaminants, our face shield provides maximum coverage and is ideal for use in a wide range of sectors. Featuring a foam headband and flexible PET material, PPE Shield ensures a comfortable fit even with extended use, while its anti-fog sides keep your line of vision crystal-clear.

Antimicrobial Power

PPE Shield doesn't just block exposure to contaminants-with its external antimicrobial coating, our face shield begins to kill harmful microbes on contact

Adjustable Visor

Need a drink or a closer look? Our adjustable visor locks in place when you flip it up, so you can go about your day without removing PPE Shield completely.


The inside of PPE Shield's visor contains an anti-fog coating, ensuring long-term, all-around visibility.


Hard at work? PPE Shield can keep up. With its 2H hardness, our durable face shield is resistant to scratching and scuffing.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike other anti-fog shields, PPE Shield is simple to clean and leaves zero residue behind.

Blue Cut

Our Blue-Cut PPE Shield features a blue light-blocking formulation engineered to reduce eye strain, optimizing it for extended use.

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