Smile Protector

$20 $30
Color: Transparent

Changing the face of safety.

The Smile Protector is designed to facilitate easy, natural communication while shielding users against disease transmission. Our protection films feature special micropolymer coatings that quickly destroy harmful microorganisms upon contact, offering robust antimicrobial protection. And thanks to their transparency, your facial expressions remain visible to the people around you, making day-to-day interactions—be they in schools, hospitals, or other crucial settings—feel significantly more human.

Blocks Common Contaminants

  • Dirt and pollen
  • Aerosols and respiratory droplets
  • Yellow and fine dust
  • Disease-carrying microparticles

Who benefits most?

  • Children and older individuals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Interpreters and language learners
  • Educators and students
  • Customer service representatives
  • Workers in loud environments

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