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Color: Transparent

Screens on. Germs off.

Stay safe with X-Glare, our premium anti-glare and antimicrobial film. Scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint, X-Glare offers the optimal user experience by keeping screens perfectly smooth to the touch. Along with screens of all kinds, our film is applicable to a variety of flat, high-contact surfaces, neutralizing common hotbeds for disease.


The rough surface structure of X-Glare allows incoming light to spread evenly over the surface, dramatically reducing glare. To create this rough texture, typical films are embedded with microscopic beads, which often separate from the surface over time and decrease in effectiveness. X-Glare, however, is a pattern-type film—forgoing the beads, its rough structure is inherent in the material itself. This results in significantly higher hardness, less sparkling, and greater durability compared to other products on the market. 


X-Glare stays smooth. With an impressive pencil hardness of 5H, our film keeps your screens protected—no matter what it’s up against.

Paper-Like Finish

From sketching to taking notes, X-Glare makes writing on screens easier than ever. Smooth to the touch while offering the ideal amount of friction, our film mimics the surface of paper for optimal stylus use.


In addition to reducing glare, X-Glare’s rough structure works to eliminate fingerprints. This ensures that touchscreens and other clear surfaces stay clean.

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