Reusable Face Masks With Antimicrobial and Anti Fog Function

Face masks become essential to guard you against a direct transmission of germs and viruses. Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives. Wearing masks in public is a good practice to follow for everyday health and prevention regarded as the new norm to live a hygienic life. Even though masks have raised the bar of the safety standards in the public awareness and health sector, there are still many challenges when dealing with mask cover.

Mask fit snugly over the nose and mouth, and communications become a persistent challenge. Have you ever thought if it is possible to communicate with a mask without the visible lip reading? Though modern technology introduces innumerable antimicrobial and anti-fog face masks, facial expressions are still not visible, thus inducing a communication barrier. Let us see how STEKCARE takes care of it!

STEKCARE - Changing the face of care

The STEK smile protector facilitates more accessible and natural communication while shielding users against disease transmission. Our protectors feature special micro polymer coatings that quickly destroy harmful microorganisms upon contact, offering robust antimicrobial protection. The transparency in facial expressions is exquisite and is visible to the people around you. Making day-to-day interactions, be they in schools, hospitals, or other crucial settings, feel significantly more human

1) Smile protector bundles by STEKCARE

The clear window mask smile protectors available here are transparent face protectors made for those who have trouble listening and speaking or have to communicate robustly. These include deaf people, teachers, language learners, and the services industry. Come with the following features:

a) Film with anti-fog properties

b) Coating that prevent germs or harmful substances on contact

c) Keeps smile visible and lips readable

d) Deal for education, learning, healthcare, service, hearing challenged persons

e) Protect against air-borne particulate and droplets

2) STEK Smile Protector 5 EA Face Covering See-through mask 

It provides complete protection and facilitates clear communication without taking off. Featuring a see-through design, the transparent window fashion protection facilitates the ease of usage to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It also finds great use in the learning, education, interpretation sectors that require constant and uninterrupted communication message transfer. The anti-fog protection is five times more effective and robust as compared to the competitors. The mask piece is crucial for safeguarding against toxicities in the surrounding environment. The product is excellent for skin sensitivity and ensures maximum comfort. Available in black and other colors.

3) STEK Smile Protector (5 EA) Face Covering Mask with Clear Window Anti Fog Fashion Protection

Due to facial expressions clearly shown, the smile protector can be widely used by interpreters and language learners, teachers and students, welfare houses, and the community. It helps users to break communication barriers by reading lips. These are premium quality smile protectors that are a sustainable, reusable solution for the ultimate protection against toxic substances. These are soft and skin-friendly, provide a clear view, and fit right!


STEKCARE anti-fog and antimicrobial face masks let your smile shine and brighten more through the transparent shield that makes natural communications easy with premium quality and ultimate protection. In an era where personal and professional hygiene levels have been the backbone to a steadfast commitment to protecting and care, unique solutions such as this have been very viable. The video listed below explains how trustworthy and credible these face-covering shields are.

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Stay protected and keep smiling.

We, the STEKCARE fraternity, have been striving to keep the safety and smile intact. The motto is to keep the spirits held high. 

Protect What you love

STEK Care suggests reusable optimized products as a sustainable solution.

We have developed high quality reusable masks to protect the environment and reduce carbon emission.All STEK care masks  can be used over 30 times after cleaning & washing them. 

This is a place where innovation meets protection! So, please don’t wait to learn more about us and become a part of our family! Save your cost by non-disposable and reusable mask Reduce Plastic waste and protect the environment.

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