Reasons Why Protective Films Are Best For Germ Protection

Safety and prevention have been the root cause to raise the bar of health standards globally. Premium quality solutions and specialized equipment for germ protection have given way to protecting the health and well-being of independent and professional workers worldwide

STEKCARE, a leading contributor in the protective film industry, makes sure we, as the commoners, are at par with the ultimate protection against the global health crisis. Dispensing high-quality antimicrobial films that destroy the germs in contact and protect the skin in the best possible way.

Why are protective films best for sensitive skin ?

1) Fit snuggly and provide some extra comfort

Protection made lighter, Smile Shield’s lightweight structure makes extended use easy and comfortable. Designed to improve public health in various settings, this equipment provides all-around protection to the face. These face protective shields not just cover your smile but also make it possible for you to wear it throughout the day without any irritation. 

2) Clear Protection 

Our antimicrobial products are designed for both safety and comfort—preserving and enhancing your way of life. Guaranteeing protection for every occasion, these curb the main modes of disease transmission, which occurs whenever you touch a contaminated surface. Our films drastically reduce the possibility of resulting infections by eliminating pathogens at the source with antimicrobial properties.

3) Easy to apply, Reuse

Check out our quick and easy guides to find out how our films work with anti fog coating. 

We use cutting-edge antimicrobial technology to keep germs away. 

The transparent hydrophobic film keeps the screen and the glass crystal clear

It can be used about 60 times by replacing film.

Chin fix face shield support for the convenience of users who are uncomfortable with facial protection on their forehead due to wearing hats, etc. Face shields provide splatter protection to facial skin with 3 types: eyes, nose, and mouth. 

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