Why Are Reusable 3 layer Face Masks Ideal to Wear?

Is there any product that is easier to breathe with, protects you, and still keeps the germs at bay? Do you need to throw it every day, or is it reusable? Can it be used for a longer period? 

Reusable 3-layer face masks are your answer to the ultimate safety, protection, and comfort. 3-layer face masks allow you to breathe cleaner air free from dust, allergens, pollens, and other particulates.  

The reusability never reduces the filter efficiency with their washability upto 30 times for men, women, and children in need. Breathable and lightweight as they usually are, their adjustable earloops provide maximum comfort. The 3-layer protective face masks can be used anytime and anywhere.

3-layer face mask feature with:

-Antimicrobial power

-Irritation-free fabric

-Proactive reusability

-Multi-hazard protection

-Comfortable and lightweight

-Fast absorbing sweat

-Easy breathe

What makes the 3-layer face mask stay protective and last longer?

Their specialty is the snuggly fit, even though the 3-layers spread one above the other. It is easy to give the correct shape to the mask on your nose. There is no discomfort with the presence of the three protective layers as these gears appear with adjustable nose wire and ear loops. 

Ensures a good fit for all face sizes, providing better protection. The 3-layer composition includes:

1) Copper-infused inner layer

It helps to suppress bacteria and harmful germs. It also removes foul odors

2) Spray-resistant middle layer

Blocks liquid sprays from passing through

3) Silver-infused 

Made with Aerosilver, providing additional antimicrobial protection

Benefits that make them the ideal wear for safety

Being the ideal pick for your safety needs, these block liquid sprays from passing through. They are water-resistant and so can provide additional protection against microbes that can be found in droplets. Let us now dive deeper into the benefits and understand how the 3-layer protective gear becomes a preference.

1) Lightweight and breathable

In addition to ensuring overall protection through minimal chances of infections every time you step out, their high-quality material composition and sophisticated design make them lightweight and breathable. Let you breathe more conveniently despite the depth and heaviness of the 3-layer overbridging.

2) Comfortable to wear

The multilayer protection ensures maximum breathability and performance during physical activity. The adjustable nose bridges create a perfect fit on the nose. The protective gear gets the conclusive cover over the mouth with no space left for the passage of micron-sized particulates. The product is highly compatible and ensures a good fit for all face sizes, providing better protection.

3) Blocks microbes, pollens, and allergens

The product is apt for protection against the occurrence of airborne diseases as it blocks the entry of air particulates, droplets, pollens, and allergens every time we breathe. With these reusable protective gears being the ultimate source of air filtration upto 95%, they ensure no space left for the unfiltered air(pollutants) to pass through. 

4) Adjustable to fit multiple sizes

The flexibility to fit any dimensions in the size chart is impeccable. These masks can preferably be used by any age group, including the elders, youngsters, and especially children. The silver lining here is the versatility and uniqueness in the design of this commodity.

Stay protected live healthy 

Carrying a 3-layer protective face mask is the secret sauce to staying fit. Their productivity and reusability prove a budget-friendly solution for comprehensive germ protection and virus transfer. To eliminate approximately 95% of the pollutants in the environment, face masks let you breathe pure air filtered for all the impurities. So, make sure you have your 3-layer protection on every time you move out of your premises!

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