2-layer Easy Breathe Reusable Washable Mask

Don't you want the ultimate protection against germs and viruses? Could you imagine breathing comfortably with your masks up for safety! Our reusable, washable mask for sport and daily life supports and promotes healthy and germ-free living. Find comfort in our Stek Active Comfort Mesh Mask that gives you the relaxation to breathe under any circumstance. Features a comfortable design that is a perfect fit for your nose and mouth. The 2-layer structure can be used over 30 times with frequent cleaning and washing. It is not just a comprehensive germ-protection but offers a significant cost-cutting, lessening the burden on plastic waste. 

Features of the 2-layer Easy-Breathe Reusable Washable Mask

The reusable 2-layer face mask absorbs water and lets you wear it comfortably in almost any condition. This unique safety gear's fast-absorbing sweat and quick-drying methodology let you use it for long without any tackiness coming into play. It is best worn as one of the most efficient sports masks in the market available today. The gadget holds remarkable features that make it the best for outdoor activities. These features have been detailed below!

1)Lightweight mesh materialWhat makes the 2-layer easy-breathing reusable, washable mask a rising pre-dominance is the presence of a lightweight mesh. The soft, breathable mesh fibre absorbs sweat and water to its maximum potential, allowing the mask to be used long without any discomfort. The mesh layer provides maximum breathe throughout indoor and outdoor activities. The product is best used for gym, cycling, running, swim, etc.

2)Washable and reusableActive Wear Active Comfort is made for the best fit anytime and anywhere. It can be washed and reused, making the product environmentally friendly. Their non-disposable nature is a decisive factor in reducing plastic waste. Their antimicrobial properties are also fully maintained even after repeated washing, making them a long-term solution in preventing disease transmission. 

3)Best fit with maximum comfortThe ear elastic band size adjustment availability brings maximum comfort while wearing. The adjustable ear loops enhance the adaptability of the face mask and make them ideal for extended use. The lightweight mesh is a breathable fabric with fast-acting evaporation technology optimal for easy and quick sweat absorption. This reduces itchiness, skin irritation, infection or any other skin-related problems.

A necessity for daily life

A mask that is a must for sport and daily life. The active germ protection comes with great comfort and unparalleled longevity. It is made for the ultimate protection for any weather conditions, whether hot, humid, or sultry. The mesh mask is the best go-to for unprecedented germ fight and thus is a need for sports and daily life safety.

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