Amazon Best Selling STEK Care Clear Window Mask

Smile Protector (5 EA) Face See-through Covering Mask lets the facial expressions get clearly shown. People deaf or hard of hearing, interpreters, teachers, students, or other such language-oriented barriers are all crossed through this very robust channel of communication. Facilitates ease of lip-reading made for a vivid message transmission for those suffering most through the communication lag.

The STEK Clear Window mask is reusable for more than 1 week so it reduces mask waste. A sustainable and reusable solution that finds a wide usage not just protecting us but the environment

Amazon Best Selling Clear Mask

Given below are the reasons why STEK See Through Mask Smile Protector, comes in a handy choice with the best reviews and sales on Amazon.

1) Strong Anti fog
Smile Protector got great reputation of No Fogging while using a long time.  It has approved by many Amazon review. Our Smile Protector's anti-fog coating is 5 times higher than that of other companies, so the anti-fog function is maintained even with frequent cleaning. The idea of the message interpretation through lipsing in general in addition to complete all-round protection against germ transmission, makes the mask cover, the most preferential choice.

2) Nose Bridge
The adjustable nose bridge arrangement(nose clip) acts as a protective air seal. Preventing fogging near the nose and mouth area, the comfortable breathable design fabric with a larger face coverage gets a great review.

3) Soft and skin-friendly usage
The product is certified excellent with Germany Dermatest for skin sensitivity. Maximum comfortable use as it dispenses, the face masks prove good for gentle skin averting the risks of many skin problems. Protecting perfectly against the expiratory droplets dispersed when talking, breathing, and coughing, the mask ensures the smiles live bright. 

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