Clear Masks For Employees In Food & Beverage Industry

With the outbreak of the CoronaVirus - masks, social distancing, sanitizers, etc., became an essential part of our life. We got familiar with using masks to curb the spread of the deadly virus. With frontline warriors using masks all day long, the Food & Beverage service industry is no exception.

Employees working in the hospitality industry deal with customer handling every day that involves face-to-face communication. That, in turn, makes it essential for them to wear masks at all times. Besides, it also requires those handling food to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacterias to food through droplets while coughing or sneezing. 

The research of optimal masks and face shields for the employees working at restaurants, hotels, or kitchens brings you closer to STEK CARE. Various options are available in the market for face shields, but choosing the best one is now made easy with STEK’s Smile Shield. 

Why Clear Smile Shield The Best Suited Shield For F&B Industry Workers 

We are the leading patron in providing the highest quality premium safety products. However, with protection, the comfort of the F&B industry users is equally important as they have to wear masks all day long. 

STEK Smile Shield is designed keeping in mind the comfort & safety of the end-users. Unlike the shields that come with forehead fixing, this mask has a chin-fixing faceguard that also provides greater protection against the exposure of viruses from the bottom part of the face. We have 4 Sizes of Smile Shields - Lips Cover, Half-Cover, Full Cover

Lite one. choose the best fit for yourself.Features To Look Forward In Clear Smile Shield

  1. Super lightweight and comfortable wear with chin-fixing, making it suitable for prolonged wear 
  2. Adjustable ear loops to fit the mask securely
  3. It Breaks the communication barrier as the transparent shield paves the way for convenient communication with visible facial expressions. 
  4. Anti-Fog feature for crystal clear vision
  5. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean
  6. Reduces the waste as the shield is reusable. Wipe-clean or replace the film if required, and you can use it for upto six months
  7. Shield has an antibacterial and antimicrobial coating film that protects against viruses and disease, saliva droplets, oil, dust, bacteria, and germs.

Hospitality With Protection, Care & Comfort

We aim to provide premium quality sustainable safety solutions that protect the environment. The reusable STEK smile shield reduces waste and protects the environment. Stay safe and keep others safe in your working environment and let your smile shine through your face creating an accessible rapport with the customers.

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