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Keep Yourself And The Environment Safe 

With the continuing Corona crisis, the significance of Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) has increased extensively. PPEs such as face masks and face shields are essential to curb disease and are used to protect ourselves and others from preventing the transmission of the virus. 

However, have you ever thought of the consequences and ill-effects that the masks or shields create for the environment? Most of the masks/shields are made from plastics that create tons of plastic waste, ending in landfills and oceans every year. 

While wearing masks is crucial to stopping the spread of the virus, we should be mindful of the consequences of using disposable masks. It is high time we must be careful while using products to avoid creating another plastic pollution crisis. And the only way to deal with it is using reusable products. Choose to wear reusable masks and shields whenever and wherever possible.

STEK Care’s Mission To Protect The Nature While Protecting The Humans

“Protect What You Love, We Care For The Environment” This is what STEK Care believes in. We care for the environment and provide sustainable & nature-friendly products that reduce plastic waste. We provide a solution for sustainable growth that will help everyone and for everything you love. 

Benefits Of Using Reusable PPE

Using reusable masks not only solves the mask waste problem but also have many other benefits as well. Let us check some of the benefits of using reusable PPE:

  1. It promotes efficient use of resources and circular economy
  2. It is cost-effective as the products can be used multiple times
  3. Reduces pandemic plastic waste in oceans/seas and eventually save the aquatic life
  4. Reduces Carbon emission that, in turn, improves air quality and maintains biodiversity

STEK Care’s Reusable PPE Features That Makes Them Best From The Rest

When choosing reusable personal protective pieces of equipment, one should not compromise on the quality of the product. All the products available at our shop ensure the same and are designed by industry experts and specialist engineers to meet the safety needs. We are committed to providing the best sustainable quality products keeping in mind the customer’s safety and comfort. 

Changing the Face Of Care With Reusable Face Masks/Smile Protectors

  • STEK Care face masks are made with anti-microbial properties that kill upto 99.99% of microbes and offers robust protection to prevent disease transmission
  • Optimized, comfortable fit and maintains stable breathability to ensure maximum user comfort
  • All the masks are washable & reusable upto 30 times
  • Smile Protector transparent masks give you visible facial expressions. The people who benefit the most from Smile Protector are customer services representatives, employees in the Food & Beverage Industry, deaf and hard of hearing, educators, language interpreters, children, older individuals, and more. 

Safety Made Easy With STEK Care Face Guard/Face Shield

  • With a PPE face shield, stay protected with maximum face coverage. PPE shield provides you with a full-face anti-microbial barrier for robust protection against contaminants and pathogens.
  • It has a safe and sturdy anti-microbial film with unparalleled scratch-resistant coating.
  • It has high-gloss & transparent film with an anti-fog feature that keeps your line of vision crystal clear.
  • Blue Cut Specialized coating for a blue light cut that prevents eye strain, minimizes headaches and helps you get better sleep.
  • STEK Care’s Smile Shield is available in 3 sizes - Lips, Half, and Full Cover. Choose the best fit for yourself. Moreover, Smile Shield Lite is designed with a lightweight structure that makes extended use easy and comfortable.
  • Wipe-clean or replace the film if required, and you can use the shield for upto six months. 

Get One Step Closer To Sustainable Products

At STEK Care, we are dedicated to bringing you the best and most innovative protection products that are sustainable and nature-friendly. Our mission is to provide exclusive specialized products to protect individual and professional workers’ health and well-being. Get one step closer to protecting what and whom you love and explore various safety products at STEK Care shop.

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