STEK Mesh Mask

Masks are important! After the COVID pandemic crisis, wearing masks became an essential step to curb the transmission of the virus. Studies also show that face mask use could result in a large reduction in the risk of infection. Undoubtedly, using masks along with practicing preventive measures such as social distancing and using hand sanitizers provide us with the highest level of protection against respiratory diseases.

How do Masks work? 

Masks trap the airborne particles released while coughing or sneezing. When any Coronavirus or any other virus carrier wears a mask, whether they are asymptomatic or symptomatic, sneezes or coughs, the airborne droplets carrying the virus particles remain inside the mask and protect others from catching the virus. Thus, wearing masks by everyone is necessary as it not only protects the wearer, it also protects others who come in close contact with them.

Types Of Masks

A varied range of personal care equipment includes face masks, face shields, etc. but choosing the best quality product is crucial to ensure total safety. If you are exploring to get the best quality face masks, your search ends here with a STEK Mesh Face Mask that is washable & reusable and can be used upto 30 times after washing. It also comes with some of the other best features that make it the best of the rest. Let’s check the features below.

Best Features of STEK Mesh Face Mask

Ergonomic Fit: It has a pull closure with adjustable earloops that ensures maximum comfort to the wearer.

Best Face Fit: It has a flexible nose bridge and mesh layers to prevent fogging problems during sports, workout activities, or while wearing glasses. It ensures a secure fit for your face.

Two Protective Layers: It comes with 2 layers to protect the user from airborne pollutants and external dust. The outside mesh layer has also passed the official water resistance test.

Lightweight And Breathable: Lightweight Mesh cloth helps in releasing excess heat to provide you maximum comfort and easy breath. It absorbs water and sweat, hence it is the best mask to wear in hot & humid weather. 

Comfortable: Wear it for a long time without any discomfort. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you are going for a ride, hiking, running, or trekking, you can wear this mask comfortably. It keeps you safe, comfortable, and dry.

Flexible: While being flexible enough to bend and move with your workout, the user can wear this mask without the fear of falling off. It is a breathable mask, so you can still get a run or workout without feeling suffocated by your protective mask.

STEK Mesh Mask

Hypoallergenic: The STEK Mesh Mask is made with soft and hypoallergenic fabric, making it skin-friendly. Besides, the adjustable straps help the mask stay on your face.

STEK Mesh Mask

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STEK Care is where INNOVATION MEETS PROTECTION. We provide the most innovative and specialized safety types of equipment that are user-friendly, and nature-friendly at the same time. This is the motto of our brand. Our aim is to mitigate  waste pollution with reusable safety products.

If you also care for the environment and are looking for sustainable Personal Protective Equipment, visit STEK Care Shop. Our masks are reusable, washable, and you can use them up to 50 times. Moreover, our Smile Shield and PPE Shield are made with nature-friendly material and can be used for up to six months.

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